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Legal Services Offered by The Law Office of Wendy Kazel

Attorney Kazel advises clients using a pragmatic approach to help start a business or help a business grow and prosper. Attorney Kazel pursues practical legal solutions with a focus on value and approaches business legal matters in a direct, results-oriented fashion. She handles a variety of transactional and litigation matters, including entity formation, structuring the business organization, business agreements, management issues and sales of businesses. Additional services provided by Attorney Kazel include drafting, reviewing and negotiating of contracts and business agreements.


Attorney Kazel represent clients in divorce and other areas of family law. She strives to resolve your case in a prompt and expeditious manner to provide quality legal service with integrity and attention to detail. Attorney Kazel, is cool and calm, even in turbulent and emotion-filled family law matters. She is a strong legal advocate who works to protect your rights and interests at all times and guide you through moments of crisis. She handles all types of matters from simple uncontested divorces to complex marital property cases and child custody. Attorney Kazel believes that a successful outcome is more than just a court order or stipulation; it means a workable solution, peace of mind, and a sense of justice for all involved. Clients are enabled to grow beyond the disappointments of the past, and move forward with life in a positive manner.


Estate planning allows for the orderly transfer of property to your heirs, charities, and other beneficiaries after your death and for the proper management of your property and health care in the event that you become incapacitated while you are alive. A simple estate plan should include a will, a living trust, a durable power of attorney for property management and an advance health care directive. For those with larger estates or whose personal situations are more involved, complex estate planning techniques are applied to accomplish your goals. Estate planning for same-sex couples is an emerging area of law that Attorney Kazel handles as well. Estate planning can be complex and Attorney Kazel makes sure that her clients understand and are comfortable with the process. An estate plan can avoid the cost, delays, and trouble of probate. In the event that you become incapacitated, or for individuals who are incompetent, the use of durable powers of attorney for property management and the advance health care directive stating one's medical wishes allow for the orderly continuation of your personal affairs and health care according to your specific instructions. Attorney Kazel also handles probate matters and can represent you in Nevada Probate Court.


Attorney Kazel’s legal services are always delivered with professionalism and personal attention, which includes promptly responding to your concerns and questions and keeping you well-informed as she efficiently and effectively handles your legal matter.

Attorney Kazel makes every effort to settle disputes through alternate means including negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. When litigation is the only option to move the client’s matter forward Attorney Kazel precedes quickly and decisively.